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Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken was my first show as an Animation Technical Assistant.  It went through a lot of changes while I was on the show, and I think it turned out amazing.  Seeing it in theaters was fun because I was on the anim dev team, so there were some story changes after I left - I got to be surprised along with the rest of the theater!

My favorite thing about this show was the curvy system for all the kraken limbs, which Evan Boucher created specifically for this show.  It's a genius system allowed us to get those wavy bendy shapes in the arms, legs, and fingers.  We could even slide the hands and feet along the curves we made.  It was so interesting rig wrecking this system, learning all of its intricacies, and teaching the rest of the team how to use it.  I really had a blast!

As an Animation Technical Assistant, I worked with the animation and rigging departments' dev teams to develop and quality control the character and prop rigs before animation production started.  I animated cycles, performance tests to test the rigs and explore the shape language of new characters, and department-specific animation tests to be used for Lookdev and CFX testing.  I created and populated animation pose libraries and provided documentation to the team about how to use the rigs and best animation practices.  I also filled other various technical support roles for the animation team as needed, including general troubleshooting and shot setup within the pipeline.

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